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Nektric combines clinically tested pain blocking TENS & inflammation reducing EMS technology into one simple device to give you access to fast, effective pain relief at any moment no matter where you are.

Nektric Pro 2 Pulse Massager
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"Not sure what else I can say besides, yes... TRY IT. If you work a desk job slouched over all day, this is going to change your life."

Kent B. ★★★★★

” I have endured headaches since my teenage years. Wish this existed a long time ago . . . Nektric has changed my life, seriously. ”

Agnes M. ★★★★★

"I have been using Nektric as a non-medical pain reliever for my neck pain while I work. It's perfect for super quick on-the-go relief."

Letty S. ★★★★
Nektric Pro 2 Gel Pads (8-Pack) - Nektric
Nektric Pro 2 Gel Pads (8-Pack)
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