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General Product Questions.

The Nektric works by combining low frequency electrical impulses with consistent heat and TENS™ (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology. As a result, problem areas experience more blood flow and the release of natural painkillers called endorphins.

EMS electrical pulse technology was approved and proven by the United States Department of Health and Human Services as well as the FDA to relieve muscle stiffness.

With 15 levels, you can start by the lightest level. And the infrared heat function can be used to ease muscle tension, stress, and promote blood circulation.

The following people are at an elevated risk from electric currents and shouldn’t use electrotherapy.


- you are pregnant

- use a pacemaker

- experience seizures

- have a bleeding disorder

- have heart problems.

Yes! Nektric features a stretchable neck band that can open up to adjust to almost any neck size. It also features comfortable and skin-friendly austenitic steel metal sheets that mold to the curve of your neck for a snug and tight fit.

It makes no sound at all. It does not vibrate. Instead, it sends pulses in varying degrees and modes, and can be combined with heat. It has a safety feature that will automatically shut itself off after a set amount of time.

On average, one set of Nektric electrode gel  pads is good enough to last for 20-25 stimulation sessions. To extend lifetime of pads, we recommend you regularly clean the sticky side with antiseptic alcohol tissues to remove hair and oil.

Replace your pads when they no longer stick to your skin or when the sticky side is covered with lint.

Though it is not recommended for optimal comfort and mobility, yes.

For those who want to experience an even more intense massage, you can remove the gel pads, but 1) DO NOT use against dry skin, 2) It is very important that you moisten the neck with either a wet towel or other lubricating water-based lubricating gel, and 3) keep the electrodes snug and tight against the skin.

If you have run out of gel pads, we recommend purchasing replacements here.

Charging battery to full should not take more than 20 minutes.

When fully charged, the device should be good enough for at least 3-5 hours worth of sessions. Since each session lasts 15 minutes, you can expect at least 12 sessions.

In general, an average active user should expect to re-charge Nektric 2 times a week.

2 stimulation electrodes with dual power output.

Asymmetrical balanced trapezoid waveform.

Regulated Voltage: 3.7V

Max Power: 4W

Mode: MX-N301

Weight: 130.5g

High Temp: 42 +- 3*C

Low Temp: 38 +- 3*C

Batter Cap: 1000mAh

Power USB 5V 1-2.1A charging point

Universal high voltage

USB-C connector for lead/charging cables

The massager has 15 strength levels. Right out of the box, the default intensity setting is the first strength level. You can adjust it as needed.

Troubleshoot: Every time you switch massage modes by clicking the "M" button, it will reset the strength settings to ZERO so you must click the "+" button to increase the intensity of the massage.

After turning on the massager make sure to first click the "M" or Mode button to activate the massage then increase intensity.

Getting Started

Support resources for your device.

Yes, you can download the full user guide here.

Usually, when we receive “non functioning” inquiries, it almost always turns out that the device is fully functioning but not being operated correctly. Please make sure to read though the entire quickstart manual first.

Here is a quick troubleshooting guide:

1. If the battery is low, the massage is weaker. Please make sure you are charging with a quality output.

- Before putting the device around your neck, make sure the electrodes are clean and gel pads are applied.

VERY IMPORTANT: (We highly recommend using gel pads as they greatly enhance the efficiency and comfortability of your session).

If you are not using gel pads, make sure you apply moisture in the form of water or water-based gel to your neck. This moisture is needed in order to conduct and contract your muscles correctly.

Make sure to get the electrodes are in full contact with the skin at the back of your neck as snuggly as possible.

- WIth the device still off, place it around your neck.

Now you can safely turn on the device by holding down the power button until voice assistance is initialized.

- To activate heat, quickly tap the same power button once for high heating, twice for low heating, and 3 times turn it back off.

Now, select your desired therapeutic mode by tapping the button above the power button.

Once you have selected your preferred mode, use the +/- buttons on the other side to increase intensity level to your liking.

- Intensity resets to 1 (for your comfort and safety) each time you switch modes. so remember to readjust to the desired intensity.

- Device will automatically turn off after 15 minutes.

- If desired, simply turn the device back on to enjoy another 15 minute session.

If you've done all of this and are still having problems, please contact us here.

We are more than happy to help troubleshoot the issue together.

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