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Nektric Pro 2 Pulse Massager

Nektric Pro 2 Pulse Massager - Nektric - White

Nektric Pro 2 Pulse Massager

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The Original Electric Pulse Massager

The same relief you get from a chiro or physical therapist. Nektric is an electrotherapy device that combines clinical-grade nerve and muscle stimulation with heat therapy to eliminate and prevent neck pain and headaches caused by prolonged tension in the neck. 

Product Highlights

▶︎ Targets and eliminates the source of pain instead of simply masking it.

▶︎ Combines 3 clinical-grade technologies into one simple, ultra-portable device

▶︎ Effective substitute for painkillers and costly, time-consuming visits to the clinic

▶︎ Improves neck posture and sleep quality, resulting in higher energy and focus.

▶︎ Shown to produce lasting results with daily usage.

Instant & Convenient
Tension Pain Relief

 Feel relief as soon as you turn it on. 
One 15 minute session can provide instant relief that can last all day long.

No need to disrupt your schedule. 
Wear it while working from home, traveling, or at your desk. 

Cordless & Portable. 
Unlike traditional clunky TENS and EMS units that require batteries and inconvenient cables, Nektric is completely wireless and has a USB-C port so you can charge up anywhere.

How Nektric Works

TENS technology stimulates the body to block nerves from sending pain signals to the brain while releasing natural pain relievers called endorphins to instantly treat pain.

EMS technology stimulates muscle recovery by increasing oxygen and blood circulation in the muscles to reduce inflammation to flush out built-up toxins.

Heat therapy helps to further relax tight neck muscles, maximize blood circulation, and eliminate built-up stress and tension, the root cause of neck pain, and headaches.

Versatile & Effective For:

✓ Cervical stiffness 

✓ Pinched nerves 

✓ Knotted neck and shoulders 

✓ Pain from poor posture 

✓ Physical and mental stress

and many more.

What's In The Box?

 As of August 2nd, we are proud to announce the launch of our complimentary gel pads!

Nektric's Gel Pads Replacements are high quality conductive wire-infused silicon gel pads made to deiver the deepest and most soothing massage exxperience.

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