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Nektric Pro 2 Gel Pads (8-Pack)

Nektric Pro 2 Gel Pads (8-Pack) - Nektric

Nektric Pro 2 Gel Pads (8-Pack)

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Nektric replacement pads are an optional add-on to Nektric devices. These high-quality silicon gel pads are infused with conductive copper wire for an extra deep and soothing massage experience.

- Directions For Use

- For optimum performance, make sure your electrode pads are sticky, clean, and are functioning properly. It's always a good idea to wipe your skin clean prior to use.

- Replace your pads when they no longer stick to your skin or become dirty with lint or other debris.

- When the device becomes slightly uncomfortable to use or diminishes ineffectiveness.

For more info please visit our FAQ page.

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